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Collision Regulations

We all go by our experiences. I was taught Rules of the Road by some great teachers in Russian Fedaration and UK. The best advise I received, was to learn Rule 2 to Rule 19 word by word. I certainly hated it, but once I learned them I learned them for ever. To motivate us, one my teachers used to say " 1 Rule a day, keeps examiners at bay". I am going to give you following advise: Learn rules throughly by exploring the meaning of each word from Rule 2 to Rule 19, after you have studied them try answering all situations as you find them in different lessons of this website. If you have any doubts and need clarification on something, you can always drop me an email. If required, we can all start a blog to explore different aspects of COLREGs.

Following is the list of some important rules which you may wish to learn by heart.

Rule 2 Responsibility, Rule 3 General definitions, Rule 5 Look-out, Rule 6 Safe speed, Rule 7 Risk of collision, Rule 8 Action to avoid collision, Rule 9 Narrow channels, Rule 10 Traffic separation schemes, Rule 13 Overtaking, Rule 14 Head-on situation, Rule 15 Crossing situation, Rule 16 Action by give-way vessel, Rule 17 Action by stand-on vessel, Rule 18 Responsibilities between vessels, Rule 19 Conduct of vessels in restricted visibility

Please follow the following lesson plan: