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Business and Law


 Merchant shipping law is a complex body of customs, legislation, international treaties, and court decisions dealing with the rights and responsibilities of ownership and operation of vessels. It also involves contractual agreements between the shipowner and the party wishing to ship the goods. However, these agreements generally are based on long-standing customs and business practices peculiar to the shipping industry. To understand the general aspects of business and law, we will divide the area into following topics:

Lesson 1  Maritime Labour Convention 2006, routine inspections by Master Flag state surveys etc.

Lesson 2  Crew agreements, signing on and signing off of crew, safe manning, official log book and the law relating to entries, code of conduct and hours of work

Lesson 3  Flag and Port state responsibilities including  Improvement and Prohibition Notices; 

Lesson 4 Surveys and certification, Classification socities

Lesson 5 Application of ISM and ISPS codes.

Lesson 6  Salvage convention including LOF

Lesson 7  Reports required by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).;

Lesson 8  General Average

Lesson 9  Hull and Machinery Insurance and P&I clubs

Lesson 10 Charter parties, notes of protest and letters of protest.

Lesson 11. Application of MARPOL including SOPEP GMP and duties

Lesson 12. Methods of pest control - fumigation of holds and living spaces; safeguards in applying various methods.


Lesson 14. Record keeping, drills and training

Lesson 15. Understanding of load line marks, entries and reports in respect of freeboard, draft and allowances;